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Portable nooner Ass - Fanta-Flesh Masturbator



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Free Express Postage on Portable Nooner Ass is perfect for a lunchtime "quickie". Lunch breaks take new meaning as the Portable Nooner Ass is cleverly disguised as a lunchbox thermos. The soft and pliable masturbator sleeve is warm, tight and just like a real tight Ass, for the perfect bent over tight ass every time, Anytime go the nooner.

The bottom of the thermos is vented to allow air to escape during penetration, giving you the tightest and most natural feeling. With a little lubricant, it feels just like the real thing, Slip inside and the Nooner clings and wraps around you like a super tight ass leaning over the counter. To clean up simply unscrew the top and bottom caps, remove the sleeve, and wash from the opening. You're co-workers will never know your lunchtime secret.

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