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This isn't the Calais of deluxe vibrators, nor is it the Porsche.  This is the Lamborghini, the Masserati, the Rolls Royce of deluxe vibrators.  This high quality, whisper-quiet vibrator boasts nine strategically placed rotating metal beads, staggered and set wide apart with eight rotational speeds, which can also change the direction of rotation.  Staggered beads allow for more variation texture, resulting in more variety in sensations.  The intense 3-point clitoral stimulator is very flexible for perfect placement, and is in the shape of a hummingbird, featuring several nodes for concentrated vibrations, while the fluttering wings deliver extra stimulation around the vagina for all-over enjoyment.  The ultra-sensitive, easy-to-use control pads allow you to control the shaft and the clitoral stimulator independently.  Variations in shaft and vibrational patterns are controlled by an innovative 'Function' button.  The many combinations of these functions allow for over 100 patterns for your indulgence, with 8 levels of vibration and 3 functions on both the stimulator and the shaft.  The three major functions include straight vibration, where rhythm is constant, accelerating, where the stimulator pulsates while accelerating and the shaft changes directions, and fast accelerating pulsation, which is made for a fast and fantastic climax.  Rotation in both clockwise and counter clockwise is possible, which isn't possible on the other Decadent Indulgences, nor on most other deluxe vibrators.  Made of pleasantly scented, super-soft jelly, and the shaft is quite flexible.  Batteries (4 AA) are included.

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